DIY Night and Repair Resources

"We believe great transportation unlocks our city."

1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

Free bicycle repair! You do the work, we show you how. Use our tools. Use our shop. Mechanics on duty. Get your questions answered. Hang out. Free! No experience necessary! Also, we love volunteers!

A flat tire is the most common reason for a rider to abandon cycling. We can show you how to change a flat (or just proper inflation techniques). Or come and build an entire bike!

DIY Nights are about empowering riders by demystifying the mechanics of this two-wheeled wonder. It is an opportunity for us to get our hands dirty along side new and veteran cyclists in our community. Apart from getting real work done on bikes, we are often talking about the best commuting routes around town, how to gear up for riding in MN weather, or just telling stories from the saddle.

It's all free! All are welcome!

DIY Resources

Park Tool on YouTube (hands-on how to) (the Guru)
Paterek Manual (great for vintage road bikes)
Shimano Manuals and Tech Docs
Shimano 2021-2022 Product Compatibility Info (pdf)

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