Bikes Missing from Lowry Transformation Plan

[Official event occurred in April of 2022. There is no organized ride on Lowry this year. But don't let that stop you from earning the patch. Read on!]

Join the Lowry Ave daily bike chain commute 5 times during 30 Days of Biking (April) to earn this year's patch (above).

For each evening commute Recovery Bike Shop will be forming a Critical Mass group ride. Critical Mass is the concept that there is safety, power, and community in numbers and that getting even a few riders together gives them the ability to better assert their rights on the road. Most importantly, riders become visible to drivers and safer because of this. Slightly less important, they become more comfortable and confident and more likely to ride.

Can't make it to the scheduled bike chain? Solo riders can take a selfie on Lowry, post on Instagram, and tag @RecoveryBikeShop. 5 posts earns the patch.

Why Lowry?

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to set Northeast on the right path.

Lowry Ave is being redeveloped. The vacant lot at Lowry & Central (city owned) is being redeveloped. Central Ave is being redeveloped with Bus Rapid Transit Line F infrastructure.

These three major projects are beginning to come together this year to reshape our neighborhood for generations to come. Will these projects default to the car? All of the current plans for Lowry put cars first. Some of the plans leave no place on the map for bikes at all. (So we made our own map!)

This is a chance to replace some of the car miles that are at the forefront of the climate change that is already reshaping our community. How do we replace car miles? With amazing alternatives!

Imagine being able to ride a protected bikeway on Lowry straight across Northeast instead of coming off the bike lane from the bridge, dropping down to 23rd, riding up to the California building, turning right to 22nd, crossing the railroad tracks and waiting to cross at University before continuing on to the railroad underpass and making the jog at Monroe before finally turning left at Central to head back up to Lowry.

How can we be expected to give up car miles when bike miles are actually 30% longer!?

We want to show drivers that riding is actually awesome!

Now is the time. The confluence of these three major projects is a one-time chance to create structural change and make Northeast a more walkable community with front-facing bicycle infrastructure that delivers transportation alternatives and makes us CHOOSE to get out of our cars.

If we're ever going to have the kind of livable neighborhoods we dream and talk about, we should try to get this right. We won't get another chance.

Join us!

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